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  • Psychiatric Services for Seniors

    We understand the specific mental health needs of seniors, and takes the time to consider each patient’s unique needs when creating a treatment plan.

    Inpatient Geropsychiatry

    Mount Sinai West’s geropsychiatry inpatient unit offers a secure, quality health care option for adults age 55 and older with a psychiatric diagnosis. The program is also appropriate for younger patients with additional medical problems requiring special attention not found on a general psychiatric unit. A team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, geriatricians, social workers, nurses, and occupational and creative art therapists has received specific training to meet the unique needs of geropsychiatricpatients. As part of Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt, the staff closely collaborates with all the major medical and surgical specialties important to the geriatric population.

    Addiction in Seniors

    At The Addiction Institute of New York,we provide the best possible treatments to help individuals from pre-birth to old age recover from substance addictions, such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, nicotine, and other addictions; and we offer the widest possible range of inpatient, outpatient, residential, and school programs for all levels of severity of illness and socioeconomic status. We also believe it is important for us to continuously improve on the treatments available for our patients, as well as to conduct federally funded research, and train the new generation of professionals in the art and science of addiction medicine.

    The physicians and nurses at the Addiction Institute believe alcohol and drug dependency are treatable illnesses that affect individuals, their families, employers, and society. We provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments, as well as train professionals and perform research on addictive disorders. We provide motivation enhancement therapy for those who are trying to decide whether or not they have a substance use disorder, and whether or not they want to commit to a treatment experience. All addiction patients can access the full range of services provided at The Addiction Institute of New York, as well as the medical and psychiatric services of Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt.

    Senior Citizens Services Program

    The Senior Citizens Services Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the older individual. The program utilizes a holistic treatment approach that looks at the unique psychological, social, and health problems of older patients. Case management services are provided to help patients optimize their ability to live independently in the community.

    Emergency and Outreach

    Mount Sinai West’s emergency and outreach services focus on providing rapid, confidential assessments and immediate treatment. Subsequent treatment planning determines the most appropriate follow-up and ongoing care.

    Our comprehensive psychiatric emergency services are made of four emergency service components.

    Emergency and Outreach Services include:

    • Psychiatric Emergency Rooms
    • Extended Observation Beds
    • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team
    • Crisis Residence Program

    Psychiatric Emergency Rooms (CPEP)

    Our psychiatric staff operates two psychiatric emergency rooms: one at Mount Sinai West, the other at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, wherein we provide a safe, caring environment for patients while their conditions stabilize. We conduct thorough evaluations, and work with patients to reduce acute psychiatric disturbances, then formulate the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

    Extended Observation Beds

    We operate five extended observation beds for adults at Mount Sinai West, and one for child/adolescent patients at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s. These beds enable us to monitor patients continuously for up to 72 hours, which often helps to preclude inpatient admissions. These beds are staffed by an attending psychiatrist, a nurse, and a social worker.

    Mobile Crisis Outreach

    The Mobile Crisis Outreach team makes home visits when clients in crisis cannot come to the hospital. The team also visits clients formerly seen onsite who require follow-up services. Crisis intervention, counseling, evaluation, and service access assistance for clients and their families are also provided. Services are limited to a five-day duration per episode.

    Crisis Residence Program

    When residential disruption is a significant cause of crisis, the Crisis Residence Program can provide a brief period of safe, supervised housing. We have two beds available for clients in crisis. The staff at our Crisis Residence works with clients to resolve the crisis, and when necessary, to arrange for permanent housing.

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