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    ShoulderSurgery_thumbnail Mount Sinai West has leading shoulder surgeons that treat the full spectrum of shoulder conditions and injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, shoulder fractures, and arthritis. Our experts also perform total shoulder replacement surgery for patients with severely damaged shoulder joints.

    The Shoulder: A Complex Joint

    ShoulderSurgery_imageThe shoulder is a complex joint comprised of several bones, tendons and muscles, which allow the arms to have a wide range of motion. But with that wide range of motion comes less stability than other major joints in the body, which contributes to the common incidence of shoulder pain.

    Causes of Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain often appears when lifting the arm, and can have many different causes, ranging from fractures, trauma injuries in sports or accidents, overstraining, and arthritis. Frequent participation in athletic activities that require the arms to continuously rise over the head, such as swimming and tennis, or require rapid, forced movements of the shoulder joint, such as baseball or golf, can also cause shoulder pain from overuse. Some examples of common shoulder injuries are:

    • Rotator cuff tears
    • Bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sac)
    • Tendinitis (inflammation of tendons in the shoulder)
    • Arthritis
    • Frozen shoulder (severe difficulty moving the shoulder)
    • Shoulder dislocation and instability

    Faculty Practice Physicians

    Cagle, Paul Paul Cagle, MD   1-877-MD-ORTHO (1-877-636-7846)     
    FLatow, Evan Evan Flatow, MD  President, Mount Sinai West                                        1-877-MD-ORTHO (1-877-636-7846)  
    Galatz, Leesa Leesa Galatz, MD  Chair, Orthopaedic Surgery                                       Mount Sinai Health System                                         1-877-MD-ORTHO (1-877-636-7846)    
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