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  • Hydrocephalus

    At Mount Sinai West, we have doctors who are specifically trained to diagnose and treat hydrocephalus.

    Understanding Hydrocephalus

    Hydrocephalus is a condition that causes excessive cerebrospinal fluid to accumulate in the brain. This can result in a widening of the ventricles in the brain, which can lead to potentially harmful pressure on the brain tissue. Hydrocephalus can be a congenital condition, or the result of injury or disease.

    Common Types of Hydrocephalus

    Communicating hydrocephalus: Commonly referred to as normal-pressure hydrocephalus, this condition occurs when the flow of spinal fluid is blocked after exiting the ventricles.

    Non-communicating hydrocephalus: This type is also referred to as obstructive hydrocephalus, because the flow of spinal fluid is blocked along one or more of the narrow passages connecting the ventricles.

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