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  • Neurosurgery

    At Mount Sinai West, we offer each patient the highest-quality care from expert physicians who specialize in the treatment of specific neurosurgical conditions.

    • Brain Tumors

      Understanding what neurosurgical treatment is right for you starts with understanding what kind of tumor you have.

    • Cerebrovascular Conditions

      Mount Sinai West’s neurosurgeons diagnose and treat various disorders of the brain’s blood vessels, including brain aneurysm.

    • Disorders of the Spine

      Surgery may not be required with all disorders of the spine, but it is important to monitor how the condition progresses.

    • Epilepsy

      Epilepsy is a medical condition in which a person has reoccurring seizures, often with no identifiable cause.

    • Facial Pain/Trigeminal Neuralgia

      Facial pain can result from a malfunctioning of the nerves that trigger the face’s movement.

    • Hydrocephalus

      Hydrocephalus is a condition that causes excessive cerebrospinal fluid to accumulate in the brain.

    • Movement Disorders

      Movement disorders cause abnormal, often involuntary movements or slow, reduced movements, and often progress in severity over time.

    • Pediatric Disorders of the Brain and Spine

      The neurosurgeons at Mount Sinai West provide a comprehensive program to evaluate and treat children with a range of neurosurgical disorders.

    • Peripheral Nerve Surgery

      Several diseases affect the peripheral nervous system, and some are well suited to neurosurgical treatment.

    • Our Staff

      Meet our staff of expert neurosurgeons.

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